Federation of Societies for Spread of Knowledge is network of non-government organizations on the territory of Bulgaria. It is a voluntary non-profit organization, which implement activities in the area of public interest in the terms of political, religious and ethic independence. Federation supports local structures in organizing trainings for children, youth and adults by providing quality and affordable education, which is combining national traditions and European practices for improving the quality of human factor and supporting its personal and social development.

Main aims of the Federation are:

(1) To identify and meet the public needs of education and training, development and promotion of values of the individual and society.

(2) To find and apply contemporary methods for gaining and spreading of knowledge in various fields of science, culture, social development and promote social needs of lifelong learning by creating culture for continuous education.

(3) To maintain and enhance professional and other forms of social interaction and to contribute for developing of culture in public dialog and mutual assistance like:

1. Organizing and participating in various forums which aim to share knowledge, training and developing education tools.
2. Supporting poor people, disables and nonintegrated people from different ethnic for  lifelong learning programs
3. Supporting social integration and personal development of youths and people from different ages, ethnics and from different rural areas.
4. Working in the defense of human rights, environmental protection and developing of agriculture and forestry.
5. Implementing contemporary European standards in public communication and dissemination of knowledge and information.